June 25 • Jacob’s Plan

Jacob was certain his brother Esau was mad at him. He made an elaborate plan to keep Esau from trying to get even. But Esau ...

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June 18 • Daniel’s Dilemma

A new law said Daniel could only pray to the King or else be thrown to the lions. Daniel trusted that God would take care ...

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June 11 • Elijah’s Showdown

Elijah wanted to prove there was only one true God. When Ahab’s fake god failed the test, Elijah knew God would come through in ...

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June 4 • Joshua’s Battle

God told Joshua to defeat the armies of Jericho by walking around the city walls. Even though the plan didn’t make sense, Joshua knew ...

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MAY 21 • The Message of Jesus Spreads

People all over the world know about Jesus because his friends couldn’t keep the joy to themselves. God wants us to do the same ...

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MAY 14 • Jesus Wants Us to Tell Everyone About Him

When you tell others about Jesus and what he did, you spread the joy of God’s love for us.

Bottom Line
We should tell ...

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