September • KidStuf Take-Out

KidStuf is back, and families are learning how to own our responsibilities like a BOSS!

Kids know that in video games, you don’t get ...

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UpStreet: Pray Together

We have spent this month teaching your child what it means to have a relationship with God forever. It's been a great month!

Parents your ...

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UpStreet: Thank God for Jesus!

This week as you tuck in your child, talk to them about the amazing gift God gave us. He gave us his only son, Jesus. ...

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UpStreet: Pray for the World

This week we talked about how God loves the WHOLE world. Everyone is important to him. He loves us all!

As you tuck in for ...

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UpStreet: Prayer Time

This week as you tuck your child in for bed, talk to them about a friend they have a hard time honoring. Talk about why. ...

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UpStreet: Talk About Their Heart

Kids love to hear you say what you think about them.Your words are powerful in the shaping of their hearts.

Tonight as you tuck ...

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