August 20 • Endurance

When we know the truth that's in the Bible, we can defeat any lie we hear. We can use the Bible to stand strong when ...

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August 13 • Endurance

Faith is trusting that God is with you. When we have faith, it's like a shield that protects us and helps us when it may ...

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August 6 • Endurance

God promises to always be with us. When we know that, we can have confidence to face whatever comes our way.
Bottom Line
God will ...

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July 30 • Our True Hero

God loves the world so much that he sent Jesus so everyone could be a part of God's family. When Jesus died for us, he ...

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July 23 • The Leper’s Encounter

Jesus met a leper that everyone in town was avoiding. But he showed all who were watching that everyone deserves to be treated kindly.
Bottom ...

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July 16 • David’s Discord

David went into hiding when he learned King Saul was trying to kill him, but when David had a chance to kill the King, he ...

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